Cyber Recruiter Applicant Tracking

Cyber Recruiter Applicant Tracking is a full life cycle recruiting management solution that helps Recruiters and Hiring Managers manage and communicate during the entire recruiting process to fill open positions faster and more efficiently.

Improve hiring efficiency through end-to-end recruiting and on-boarding process automation

Are you an MIP HR user looking for a more efficient, faster, quicker way to find and secure the right talent? Easy, you need a recruiting tool that will grow your talent acquisition process and make your life easier as a result. That tool is Cyber Recruiter Applicant Tracking. For over a decade Cyber Recruiter has seamlessly integrated with;

  • MIP Fund Accounting
  • MIP HR
  • Over a dozen other leading HR solutions in addition.

Stop wasting time on needless paperwork

If your organizations takes in hundreds of applications, you know how time-consuming it can be. Cyber Recruiter Applicant Tracking allows you to collect from employment web sites and review only those you especially need.

If you hire someone, you can then easily transfer them into your HR system. Spend more time managing employees, rather than handling mountains for paperwork!

Additionally, Cyber Recruiter is more than a database to track applicants and requisitions. It also improves communication and has built in workflow, allowing you to completely automate your entire recruiting processes.

With Cyber Recruiter you’ll be able to:

  • Manage all steps of your recruiting process from requisition through on-boarding
  • Identify and hire the right applicants quickly and easily to fulfill project needs
  • Quick and easy to implement- cloud offering won’t drain your organization’s IT resources to use and maintain.
  • Easily transfer newly hired applicant data to Abila without additional data entry. Simple. Efficient. Fast.
  • Can also be used for volunteer recruitment

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