More and more organizations are relying on grant money from the government and foundations but many of you don’t have the funds to employ a grant writer and keep track of grant deadlines. Also, it can mean the loss of your funding if these grants are not managed properly. Below you will find some available grant deadlines that are especially relevant to nonprofits.

Education Innovation and Research Program: Early-Phase Grants

For: Projects to transform the education experience and develop educational best practices
Award Ceiling: $115,000,000
Amount Available: $4,000,000
Number of Grants Available: 16
Eligibility: Nonprofit and public agencies, including LEAs
Agency: Dept. of Education
Deadline: 6/5/2018

Mental Health Awareness Training Grants

For: Training to school personnel, first responders, and other staff of collaborating organizations in recognizing signs and symptoms of mental disorders
Award Ceiling: $125,000/yr. for 3 years
Amount Available: $47,400,000
Number of Grants Available: 126
Eligibility: Nonprofits
Agency: SAMHSA
Deadline: 6/8/2018

Community Programs for Outreach and Intervention with Youth and Young Adults at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis (CHR-P)

For: Identifying youth and young adults 25 and under at high risk for psychosis and providing evidence-based interventions to prevent its onset or lessen the severity
Award Ceiling: $400,000/yr. for 4 years
Amount Available: $44,800,000
Number of Grants Available: 28
Eligibility: States, local governments, and Indian Tribes
Agency: SAMHSA
Deadline: 6/11/2018

Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants Program

For: Locally driven strategies that address struggling neighborhoods with distressed public or HUD-assisted housing through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation
Award Ceiling: $1,300,000
Amount Available: $5,000,000
Number of Grants Available: 6
Eligibility: PHAs, local governments, and nonprofits.
Agency: HUD
Deadline: 6/12/2018

Street Outreach Program

For: Increasing the personal safety, social and emotional well-being and self-sufficiency for homeless youth, and helping them build permanent connections with families, communities, schools, and other social networks
Award Ceiling: $150,000/year for 3 years
Amount Available: $16,599,294
Number of Grants Available: 37
Eligibility: Nonprofit and public agencies
Deadline: 6/20/2018

Tribal Behavioral Health Grant Program

For: Preventing and reducing suicidal behavior and substance use, reducing the impact of trauma, and promoting mental health among American Indian/Alaska Native youth through age 24
Award Ceiling: $250,000/year for 5 years
Amount Available: $3,718,580
Number of Grants Available: 30
Eligibility: Indian Tribes and Alaskan Native Organizations
Agency: SAMHSA
Deadline: 6/22/2018

Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP)

For: Two types of teen pregnancy prevention: one for new and innovative programs, and one for replicating existing programs
Award Ceiling: $1,000,000/year for 2 years (varies by project type)
Amount Available: $164,000,000
Number of Grants Available: 345
Eligibility: Nonprofits, businesses, and public agencies
Agency: Office of Adolescent Health
Deadline: 6/29/2018

Mainstream Voucher Program

For: Providing housing choice vouchers to individuals with disabilities
Award Ceiling: $5,000,000
Amount Available: $100,000,000
Number of Grants Available: 40
Eligibility: PHAs and IHAs
Agency: HUD
Deadline: 7/18/2018

A message from Margaret Ring

As a service to nonprofits, I provide a short list of available grants with some limited information and their grant deadlines. If you don’t see anything that is of interest to your organization but need to fund a project, please contact me. If you need help writing a proposal or need assistance with policy manuals, I can also help with that. I’ve also reviewed grant proposals for nonprofits that were not accepted to show them how to get better scores for the next attempt. You can reach me at or 888-441-5830.

Margaret’s Background

Margaret Ring has over 20 years of experience working for government and nonprofit agencies providing grant writing and evaluation, program training and management services. Having worked for both the government and nonprofits, she is skilled in both sides of the grant proposal process: developing request for proposals and writing grant applications. Having reviewed and rated many grant applications and developed scoring sheets, she also has insight into what funders are seeking in proposals.

Margaret holds a master’s degree in both Social Work and Human Development & Family Studies. In addition, her background includes the fields of child welfare, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, public health and early childhood education. She also has written grants for tribal governments and written technical manuals for social service agencies. Because of her broad experience, she has an understanding of the needs of the government and social service agencies.