Migration to MIP Cloud from On-Premise MIP

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You probably recognize the benefits of moving to the new MIP Cloud product, and they are many! No more worrying about backups, no more concerns about staying on the current version, no more IT upgrades or concerns about outdated computing environments, and no more having to call IT to handle all these things! Clearly the new product and environment has many advantages over the traditional MIP on-premise product.  And by moving to MIP Cloud, you stay on your familiar, tried and true MIP system, maintaining all your data and history. No worries about converting to (and learning!) a new system.

However, there are some important considerations as you plan to migrate from your on-premise environment to the cloud. And migrating to the cloud is a one-time process for you. That’s where 1st Choice comes in. We have assisted with many MIP migrations, and are prepared to assist you to make sure yours is smooth and successful.

Here are some of the areas you need to consideration related to Cloud Migration:

Testing the IT environment –
1)  Loading sample data
2)  Setup and test workstation connectivity
3)  Setup and test printer functionality

Testing MIP Functionality –
4)  Test forms and checks compatibility
5)  Test reporting compatibility
6)  Setup and test attachment functionality

Testing 3rd Party Integration –
7)  Test import capability
8)  Test other operations

Reviewing New Features and Functions –
9)   Welcome to the Cloud! It’s your same MIP, but better!
10) New Dashboards
11) New Reports
12) Other New Features

By approaching your migration is a systemic approach, you are assured of a smooth transition and a positive experience for you and your users as you make the change.

If you currently do not work with a business partner, 1st Choice is here to help your organization. Please feel free to contact us to arrange for a consultation with you and/or your IT team. info@1stchoiceadvisors.com or 888-441-5830 x104

We look forward to working with you toward a smooth transition to your new accounting and financial reporting MIP Cloud environment!

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