Nonprofit Accounting Professional Services

Nonprofit Accounting Services

Below you will find out everything you can expect from using the nonprofit accounting services of 1st Choice Advisors on your next Nonprofit Success Story!

Initial Steps

Before you become a customer and give us your hard-earned money, you’ll want to do your due diligence.

If you have an interest in our products or service, the first step is to do a Needs Analysis. We then discuss your needs and try to find out a solution that’s in your budget and then tailor a demo to meet that need.

Then call our references and read our success stories. Most of our clients come from referrals. You’ll receive a full engagement letter so you know exactly what to expect. You may also feel that you need someone to take a look at your general operating procedures; based on new software often those need some adjusting.

Need to pass this through the Board? We are happy to help with a presentation, handouts and all. Your Engagement Letter will outline all of the costs and benefits as well.

If the answer is “YES,” your organization becomes a part of our family!


Let the work begin! You and your staff will be asked to complete a work checklist so we are all clear on who is doing what and by when. Meetings will be set up to identify tasks, and assure deadlines are met.

1st Choice Advisors can get your data ready for conversion and help you set up your new Chart of Accounts. You will send us your reports based on what you need and what you’d like to change. Before systems are ready for the go-live date, we help with running parallel reports and testing data.


You can set up training based on your staff, whether it be online or on-site; a single person or a large group. 1st Choice Advisors works with other business partners on providing classroom training as well.

If your system needs to be integrated with another system such as medical billing, ticketing, utility billing, etc., we can decide at what point to do this. Most clients get the accounting up first and then connect the other systems. Efficiency with our nonprofit accounting services is the goal!!

Ongoing Support and Customer Service

Your purchase of any of our products and nonprofit accounting services includes annual support and maintenance by the vendor. You will always have a support line to call and receive periodic upgrades to the software. If you purchase payroll, this includes all tax updates for your state. There may be issues that will be better off handled by your Business Partner, 1st Choice Advisors. These may include additional training, new functionality, customization of reports or data integration, to name a few.

Your relationship with us means a lot, so don’t think you’re getting rid of us after the sale! You’ll receive emails and newsletters about software changes and how other nonprofits are using their systems. You’ll receive periodic “Wellness Calls” just to check in, and you will also be invited to appropriate seminars and conferences.

Migration to MIP Cloud

Whether you are a new cloud customer or an existing MIP client moving to the cloud, there are several issues to consider before the move.  We can set you up on a cloud platform where you can easily start using the software.  If you were on MIP, your distribution codes, auto offsets, and custom reports will move seamlessly.    If you use other cloud based systems, we can help with integrating the systems.

ROI REPORT: Discover how Abila MIP Fund Accounting Provides ROI to Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have unique finance and accounting needs, especially those necessary to maintain compliance with regulatory and funder requirements. Without the right accounting solution, meeting these requirements can be a costly, time-consuming, and stressful aspect of nonprofit management. That’s where our ROI Report comes to the rescue.

Grant Writing Services

On our web site, we provide information on grants available for the upcoming season. We also have a professional grant writer on staff who can either review your grant information (she used to approve grants for the State of Illinois!), write a grant proposal for you, or research grants. She also specializes in writing technical manuals and reports. Learn more about Margaret Ring!

User Groups, Training Classes and Networking Events

We provide various events throughout the year both online or in various cities, where you can become more productive and learn up-to-date information on technology.

Library & Blog

Checkout some free prints, sites and videos to help further explain the details of our various products!

Why Use an Abila Business Partner?

1st Choice Advisors is a Select Business Partner for Abila products and services. Our consultants also have over 30 years of experience working with nonprofits; real-world experience with a variety of different types of fundraising needs and requirements as a result. We rigorously train on Abila products. Why? We spend up to 90 hours each year reviewing new functionality and training procedures. We are your go-to for service, providing user groups, both online and in our offices. All things considered, your satisfaction and ability to get results is our main goal!

To learn more or have a demo of MIP scheduled: