Why 1st Choice Advisors?

  1. EXPERIENCE!   Our Advisors have worked with hundreds of different types of nonprofits, government agencies and tribes.  We have seen the issues that come up and know how to handle them.  Our implementation systems make change easy and our follow-up keeps you up-to-date on new functionality
  2. PERSONAL ATTENTION!   We listen.  All staff members are not the same, and we pride ourselves on working with all different knowledge levels.    Ask our clients; we are easy to work with.
  3. YOUR EFFICIENCY & GROWTH!  This is the main reason for change.  You should be happy with your decision and see results!

Why Use an Abila Business Partner?  

Besides our extensive experience with the product, a Business Partner can give you discounts on products and services and more personalized support.   Buying direct from Abila means you are working with a salesperson; with 1st Choice, you'll be working with a seasoned advisor who wants to help you make right decisions.




Interested in Change?

If you'd like to chat with someone about your needs or just want more information, let us know.


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