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Below are videos you can email us for:
  • Abila Fundraising 50 to MIP Integration
  • Abila MIP Fund Accounting: Managing Nonprofit Financials for Greater Success
  • Abila AR Module Demonstration: Accounts Receivable Reporting/Billing and Sales Orders
  • Abila MIP Advanced Security Module
  • Abila MIP Allocations Module
  • Abila MIP Bank Reconciliation
  • Abila MIP Budget Module: Budget Worksheet
  • Abila MIP EFT Module: Go Green
  • Abila MIP Electronic Requisitions
  • Abila MIP Encumbrances Demonstration
  • Abila MIP Fixed Asset Module
  • Abila MIP Forms Designer
  • Abila MIP Import-Export Module
  • Abila MIP Mobile
  • Abila MIP Multi-currency Module
  • Abila MIP Payroll Module
  • Abila MIP Purchase Order Module
  • Abila MIP Scheduler Module
  • Abila MIP Visual Analyzer Module
  • Abila Human Resources and Employee Web Services
  • Abila Fundraising Online – “Follow the Dollar”
  • Abila Fundraising Online to Abila Fundraising 50 Integration

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Why use a Business Partner?

1st Choice Advisors is a Select Business Partner for Abila products and services. Our consultants also have over 30 years of experience working with nonprofits; real-world experience with a variety of different types of fundraising needs and requirements as a result. We are rigorously training on Abila products because we spend up to 90 hours each year reviewing new functionality and training procedures. We are your go-to for service, and we also provide user groups, both online and in our offices. All things considered, your satisfaction and ability to get results is our main goal!

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