Considering adding AP automation and digital invoice capture to your MIP system??

…..because now you have 1st Choice Workflow!

Our unique features that make the difference include:

  • Real time advanced two-way integration with MIP
  • Digital invoice capture of both invoice header and lines
  • Advanced and flexible approval workflows (from any device)
  • Competitive pricing that every business can justify
  • Low cost to deploy – set up and go live in as little as a single day
  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Saving between 65% – 95% of the time over every manual process
  • Experienced support for Workflow and MIP from 1st Choice Advisors
  • Reducing the risk of fraud – including a full and detailed audit trial
  • Includes integrated online buying with Amazon Business / Business Prime (plus any other vendor website) for the ultimate buying experience

To find out more, join us on Thursday, October 27 at 2pm est for a demonstration of this new technology that will save you time and money. Free, simply register below.

To find out more, email us at or call 866-397-5072 to speak with John Francis. Let us tell you about how ___________________ is using 1st Choice Workflow to help their organization.