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"We're able to provide financial information so much faster for our program directors.  I can take my laptop into meetings and answer financial questions on the spot.  With the old system, monthly financial reporting covered data that was four months old.  Now we have up-to-date financials completed by the 18th day of the following month - this is an 85% improvement on our deliver time!  Reports are generated at the touch of a button, and supporting documents are quick to find.  ..My staff members tell me they love MIP!"

Melody Troesser, Director of Financial Operations, Alternative Community Training

ACT Success Story


"1st Choice Advisors helped us think our implementation through so our transition was as smooth as possible for the whole team."
Doug Kolasinski, CFO, Associated Colleges of the Midwest


"Payroll is crucial to our work!  We love that you can set it to print out so much information on the pay stub, such as leave balances and other benefit details."

Lois Avery, former Accounting Manger for K'ima:w Medical Center on Hoopa Valley Reservation

Hoopa Medical Center Success Story

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