Nonprofit organizations have unique finance and accounting needs, especially those necessary to maintain compliance with regulatory and funder requirements. Without the right accounting solution, meeting these requirements can be a costly, time-consuming, and stressful aspect of nonprofit management. That’s where our ROI Report comes to the rescue.

Abila recently hired an independent research firm, Fidelio Works Consulting LLC, to conduct in-depth interviews with MIP Fund Accounting customers. Our goal: To understand and measure the return on investment MIP provides to nonprofits. Study participants report that MIP delivers measurable value in three primary ways:
1.  Saving time and money while ensuring compliance
2.  Simplifying and streamlining the audit process
3.  Bringing transparency and confidence to the fundraising process

Download the “ROI Report,” and find out how Abila MIP Fund Accounting provides a comprehensive solution, keeping nonprofits on track and in compliance. Once you read the report, contact us to build a personalized ROI Calculator to better understand how MIP will positively affect your bottom line. Our experts provide you with summary information and ROI charts to help you with decision making, as well as justification for investing in MIP.

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Why use a Business Partner?

1st Choice Advisors is a Select Business Partner for Abila products and services. Our consultants also have over 30 years of experience working with nonprofits; real-world experience with a variety of different types of fundraising needs and requirements as a result. We are rigorously training on Abila products because we spend up to 90 hours each year reviewing new functionality and training procedures. We are your go-to for service, and we also provide user groups, both online and in our offices. All things considered, your satisfaction and ability to get results is our main goal!

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