ProSoft & 1st Choice Advisors join forces for better service for clients.

To Our Valued 1st Choice Clients,

1st Choice Advisors is excited to announce that we have joined forces with ProSoft Inc., another MIP Elite Business Partner. This means more options and services for your MIP needs, and access to other products and services as well. The process will be transparent to you, with the only change being a combination of the names of your assigned business partner (which will now read ProSoft – 1st Choice Advisors). ProSoft is based in Dallas, Texas and has been providing services to nonprofits since 1987.

As many of you know, Jasmine Williams recently left 1st Choice to join a nonprofit to help younger adults. We know you will miss her, as we do, and we wish her all the best! The rest of the 1st Choice team will still be your go-to support for any MIP needs. The ProSoft team may also assist in areas where they have specific skill sets that complement those of 1st Choice and are best suited to your needs. We will make sure to communicate with you and introduce the new members if we include them on any of your projects.

You can also look forward to additional MIP training opportunities, free MIP overview webinars, and Master MIP Tips. Look for more information on those to come. Our approach will remain the same – providing the best value and service for you, our important and appreciated MIP users!

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns, and look for more information coming on how this partnership will enhance our product and service solutions for your financial needs.

Samuel Francis
Account Manager
O: 888.441.5830
1st Choice Advisors